Wireless RF Dimmer + Controller, 20 amp, Ideal for LED Strip Lights

These wireless dimmers can work from up to 30 metres away via an RF controller. They can control upto 20 Metres of (5050 60 LED/Metre) and 30 Metres of (3528 60 LED/Metre) strip light.
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These dimmer units are an easy way to adjust the brightness of any LED strips with the push of a button. They are compatible with all LED strip light and very simple to install as you simply connect the dimmer between the 12v power source and the strip itself. As you are probably aware the majority of strip lights are very bright so this little gadget is a great way of adjusting the lighting level in your home, bar or even restaurant…

The controller works on RF frequency, meaning the controller doesn't need to be in direct site of the receiver. The pick up range is 30 metres making them suitable for larger projects as well as smaller scale installations.

The controller is simple to install and comes with complete operating instructions

These Controllers meet all UK safety regulations (CE and RoHs) and we offer a two year guarantee to any customer whom purchases any item from us. Due to the high quality of our products and installation service we offer our items are regularly used in some of the UK’s largest shopping centres, hotels, Celebrity homes, etc... so please buy with confidence..

Top Quality Product available at the UK's lowest price.

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More Information
Product Wireless RF Dimmer + Controller
Colour / Effects Brightness Adjustment of LED Strip Lights
Intended Use Standard Colour LED Strips
Working Range 30 Metres
Frequency RF Controller
Working Voltage 12v - 24v (can be used with any voltage LED Strip)
LED Strip Can control upto 20 Metres (5050 60 LED/Metre), 30 Metres (3528 60 LED/Metre)
Rating 20 amp
Certification CE & RoHs
Warranty 2 Years
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