Safety Guide

All our products are manufactured to the highest standards, however there are certain points you should be aware of when dealing with electrical items. Although each of our items has their own unique safety instructions, please ensure you take note of the below points to guarantee both a safe and successful installation of your purchased item:

  • Always read the product instructions clearly prior to using an item, if anything is unclear then please get in contact before using the product and we can advise you.
  • Never use products which are specifically design for indoor use, outdoors.
  • Always ensure the power is switched off when removing / exchanging bulbs.
  • When installing LED lighting outdoors always keep the transformer indoors in a safe, dry location. If this is not possible, we advise you to use a weatherproof socket / box to ensure it remains out of contact with British weather conditions.
  • Always use a safety cut out device or “circuit breaker” on any outdoor display.
  • Regardless of the situation, never touch any light bulbs when switched on. If for any reason you want to touch your spot lights / light bulbs then please make sure the power is completely switched off.
  • Always think of others when installing lights in public areas, it’s essential you hide all leads and eliminate any potential trip hazards
  • We recommend that you always switch any electrical item off when you go to bed or when you are away from the house.
  • In the unlikely event that you encounter a faulty or damaged product, do not attempt to use or repair. We advise you to dispose of them both safely and legally, if it’s within our 12 month warranty then please get in touch and we will replace immediately.
  • Do not attempt to modify the wiring circuits in any of our products, these items are designed by factories with years of experience and are wired in a particular way for a reason. Experimenting with electrical items can create a dangerous situation for yourself or others.
  • If you need to use a ladder to remove your existing lights or to put up new lights, we recommend a stable working platform / ladder to eliminate the chances of any possible accidents
  • Do not allow children to play with any LED products and we advise you to keep them out of reach,
  • If you have any concerns with an item either old or new, please get in touch prior to using. Contact us via phone call / email and we can advise you on the situation and eliminate and possible accident.