Brighten up your garden with Bright Lightz

Why not add a sparkle to your garden with our fantastic selection of LED garden lights, whether you have a small garden in need of a subtle lighting touch or a huge garden which requires illuminating; we are sure to have the perfect lighting product in our extensive range!

At Bright Lightz, we have a great selection of decorative LED garden Lights, solar lights and for people whom are security conscious; a fabulous selection of super bright security LED Flood lights.

If it is a decorative look you require for your garden then LED fairy lights & LED festoon lights are an excellent choice for hanging over verandas, creatively around trees or bushes. Both, LED fairy Lights and festoon lights are extremely easy to work with and often used by interior/exterior designers as they create a great modern look. Recently, we have introduced vintage LED festoon lights which create a lovely traditional look and create a perfect relaxing ambience over summer evenings.

If you have decking in your garden and like the occasional gathering, then we have a great choice of decking lights which easily transform mundane wooden decking into a lit-up glowing garden feature. Often customers combine LED deck lights with some of our outdoor LED strip lights and together they are super bright and compliment each other extremely well creating a superb barbeque or relaxing area.

Lot’s of effort is required to create your dream garden and maintain it, yet it can be undone quickly should any unwanted visitors intrude. Here at Bright Lightz, we have an affordable and reliable range of LED flood lights which can easily illuminate the largest of areas making them fantastic security lights. Most of our Flood lights are fitted with PIR sensors so they are only light up when somebody triggers the sensor which is sure to spark a surprise to any unwanted guests!