Bathroom LED Lighting


A bathroom doesn’t have to be limited to a functional room, it can be a fantastic place to soak in some bubbles and take in some personal time. Your bathroom can be a great sanctuary, so make sure you have the very best in LED lighting from BrightLightz.

Choose from a great collection of Fire rated down lights, LED Strip Lights, LED decking lights and LED Spotlights that can turn your bathroom into a beautiful focal point to your home.

At BrightLightz, we’ve helped thousands of families decorate their home with a selection of great energy saving LED lights, the most common being the following:

Fire Rated Down Lights

When creating a bespoke ambient experience through effective bathroom lighting, safety should always be a priority. With this in mind, we have the very best fire rated down lights available today at the UK’s lowest prices in a range of colour options including brushed chrome and white. All fire rated down lights meet strict safety regulations (CE and RoHs) and are backed by our two year guarantee.

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LED Strip Lights

Our range of LED strip lights are perfect for decorating bathroom shelves, or for accentuating certain design features within a bathroom. All LED strip lights are easily cut to size and reattached seamlessly, ensuring you can create your perfect ambient setting regardless of the size of your bathroom.

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LED Spotlights

Effective use of LED spotlights within a bathroom can make a huge difference, so make sure you have the best lights possible. LED spotlights are perfect for shining a direct light on certain areas within a bathroom and can help create a layered ambient effect, ideal for those moments in the tub or when getting ready. Each LED Spotlight adheres to strict UK safety standards and is backed by our 2 year guarantee.

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LED Plinth Lights

LED plinth lights are fantastic bathroom lighting options as they are specifically designed to be withstand moisture, ensuring that any steam or splashes will not damage the light. Each plinth light features a superbright LED that is encased in a waterproof sealed unit complete with stainless steel fascia, guaranteeing against rust even after many months of use. Available in a wide range of colours to suit your needs.

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When you need the very best in bathroom lighting including Fire rated down lights, LED Strip Lights, LED decking lights and LED Spotlights, make sure you shop from a brand you can trust.

Choose the right lights, choose BrightLightz.