LED Spotlights from BrightLightz

LED spotlights will make the perfect addition to your lighting strategy at home. Traditional spotlights, typically halogen versions, emit a vast amount of light yet become extremely hot to the touch after prolonged use. This can be dangerous, especially if used in places where small children may try to touch them. Fortunately, here at BrightLightz we have a fantastic alternative to halogen spotlights - LED spotlights. LED spotlights are a fantastic cost saving alternative which will provide a cleaner light at a fraction of the cost. They also boast an impressive 50,000hr life span.

Energy Saving LED Spotlights

Changing to LED spotlights from old halogen versions may seem like an expensive move for any home owner, yet the initial cost of bulbs is more than made up for when you think about the savings on electricity. Aside from the fact LED spotlights will last many years , meaning they won’t need replacing very often at all due to their 50,000hr lifespan (close to 10 years), LED bulbs can save you a massive 90% on electricity bills, just check our energy saving calculator and see how much you could save a year. Best of all they will easily fit into your existing fittings making the transition as easy as possible.

The saving on energy bills is of course a major reason why more and more are switching to LED spotlights, but due to the fact these draw far less wattage than older halogen lamps they also play a huge part in reducing carbon emissions, meaning your home is a lot greener as well.

LED Spotlight Bulbs

Here at BrightLightz – we have the best range available including a fantastic variety of GU10, MR16, G9, G4 & MR11 bulbs which all provide superior illumination, emit a greater output of light and are far more reliable than older halogen lights. So take advantage of our great prices, great products and start saving on your electricity bills today.

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