3528 & 5050 LED Strip Light Connector / Link Wire

These solder-less connectors are a fantastic way to link two pieces of LED strip light together, we have them available in various lengths and compatible with all 3528 & 5050 LED strip lights
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These solder-less connectors are a fantastic way to link two pieces of LED strip light together, the connectors allow you to link LED strip lights together and eliminate the time consuming task of soldering. The plastic connectors on either end of the wire simply open up and allow any type of LED strip to be inserted, once closed they provide a strong waterproof connection which will provide power to the LED strips.

It’s very rare for a project using LED strips to be one continuous length; if you have strip lights in various areas then these link wires are ideal for you. We have the connectors available in various lengths so you can easily link one strip to another and due to the fact you don’t need to solder you can easily attach them to you LED strip in the most awkward to access areas.

We install LED strips lights as well as selling them so we are working with LED strip lights on a regular basis, if you are doing corners we have found these to be easier to work with than the 90 degree corner connectors.

Should you require a link wire in a different size to above then please get in contact, we can provide both connectors and LED strip in any size for custom projects.

Top Quality Product available at the UK's lowest price.

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More Information
LED Strip Compatible with all 3528 & 5050 LED strips
IP Rating Waterproof (can be used with IP rated strips)
Intended Use Provides a link between two strip lights without the need for soldering, ideal for small gaps, corners, extensions, etc…
Wire Length 15cm, 100cm, 200cm (select preferred length above)
Material PVC
Fitment Simply slot strip into connector and close (no soldering required)
Connector Type Link Wire
Certification CE & RoHs
Warranty 2 Years
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