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LED Strip Lights

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LED Strip Lights & LED Lighting Tape

LED strip lights are ideal for providing a smooth, uniformed glow of light and can really accentuate design features in the home. Our range of LED strip lights are perfect for illuminating under cabinets, shelves, beds and coving, and make a fantastic design feature in home cinemas or bars.

LED strip lights can be referred to as LED Tape, LED Strip and LED Ribbon, however they all generally refer to the same product which is essentially as low voltage strip available in either a 12v or 24v set.

Each set range from 8mm – 10mm wide runs of evenly spaced LED chips that provide your room or design feature with a perfectly uniformed light instantly without the need for excessive wires or messy drilling.

Flexible LED Strips/LED Tape

LED tape or LED strip lights allow you to create a completely unique atmosphere in your home (or just about anywhere else) thanks to their ease of use and installation. Completely reliable, endlessly flexible and cost effective, these lights have an extremely low wattage yet emit a large amount of light meaning you can create the perfect lighting strategy to your needs every time. Here at BrightLightz we have a wide range of IP33 rated strips that have been specifically designed with water resistant tapes making them ideal for restaurant lighting, kitchen lighting and bar lighting. Additionally, our IP65 waterproof rated LED strip lights have been designed for use in potentially damp areas, making them a perfect addition for your bathroom, or even your aquarium!

3528 LED SMD Strip Lights

Our great range of 3528 LED strip lights are the highest quality available online. Featuring a single colour that can be easily fixed to almost any surface, the entirely flexible LED tape can be installed into the most awkward of spaces extremely easily via the 3M adhesive backing. An even greater feature is their ability to be cut and reconnected every 3 LED’s meaning you can create your unique lighting strategy to suit your home or living space.

Many of our customers tend to use our 3528 range for kitchens, coving, underneath cabinets and around design features in the home as they provide an affordable lighting option almost instantly, with minimal fuss.

5050 LED SMD Strip Lights

5050 LED strip lights are the most popular choice for those wanting to kit out larger scale operations with an effective lighting strategy, such as bars, restaurants and nightclubs etc. Perfect for under cabinet lighting, displays and plinth lighting, they are extremely bright and come in a wide variety of options in terms of colours. We also have a range of colour changing 5050 LED SMD strip lights to suit your bespoke needs.

So contact us today to discuss your lighting needs, we’re confident our range will make a great addition to your lighting strategy.