Buy high quality home lighting, here at Bright Lightz

Having functioning lights throughout your home has always been essential but over recent times the appearance and effects of your lighting has become as important, if not more so than the intended purpose. Rather than a simple ceiling light to illuminate a room, there are now endless lighting options such as LED strip lights, LED downlights, vintage floor lamps and much more.... which all illuminate a room perfectly but with each option providing a unique lighting effect.

Interior home lighting can have such an effect on the feel and ambience of a room, many customers tend to either opt for a traditional or modern look when decorating their home; here at Bright Lightz we have fantastic home lighting options which cater for both. If you want a modern look throughout your home, we find a combination of LED downlights and LED strip lights are fantastic options, they are both modern looking, dimmable and compliment modern décor ideas perfectly. Another bonus to both LED downlights and LED strip lights is the simplicity when it comes to installing them, especially LED strips as they have an adhesive backing so you can simply stick them in your chosen location.

If it is more of an old-fashioned look you are creating in your home then we have a fantastic range of vintage lighting which includes Industrial light bulbs, industrial floor lamps and a superb range of LED fairy Lights and LED battery lights which you can really get creative with. We find mixing our Industrial lighting with warm white decorative battery and fairy lights creates a fantastic soft glow and the perfect finishing touch to old fashioned traditional décor.

Lighting choices can often be a difficult task, we all see fantastic looking homes all over the web and often want to replicate a certain look but are unsure of the lighting used. If you fall into that category, do not hesitate to contact us and our knowledgeable staff would be happy to discuss the perfect lighting product to create your dream home!