Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the high number of products we supply, we receive a wide range of questions from our customers. We have based our FAQ’s on products / areas which attract the most enquiries rather than endless pages of information; as we add new products or receive new questions we will update the page accordingly.

If you look browse through the information below and the pages at the bottom of the website (about us, delivery information, etc.) you should find an answer to your question.

If you are unable to find an answer to your request then please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible; furthermore we can update the page with your question so other users can benefit from your input.

When will I receive my order?

If you order before 2pm you will receive your order the following working day (Mon – Fri). If it’s ordered after 2pm then it will be sent the following working day and with you the day after that.

What if I’m not in when they try to deliver?

If you are not in then either royal mail or DPD will either try to deliver to a neighbour or leave a card with instructions on how to arrange a re-delivery or where to collect from.

Can I get a VAT invoice?

Yes, any order placed via our website will automatically provide a VAT invoice.

Can I return the item for a refund?

If you are unhappy or don’t require the item, you can return it to us for a refund within 30 days of purchase. It must be in the exact same condition it was sent out to qualify for a full refund.

See our ‘Refund & Returns’ for full details.

Can I collect from your premises?

Yes you can, we would always encourage you to contact us prior to setting off. It’s unlikely you would encounter any problems collecting your order but it’s always worth contacting us to avoid any disappointment.

Can I open a credit account with yourselves?

Yes you can but you would need to pass our security checks. If you would benefit from a trade account, then please complete our ‘Trade Enquiries’ page.

Do you ship overseas?

We welcome overseas orders but depending on your shipping destination we advise you to contact us before purchasing any items so we can provide you with an accurate shipping cost.

When will I receive my refund?

We offer a full refund on any item purchased and will process your refund as soon as possible. All items will be delivered with a returns form which must be filled in and sent back with the item. Once received and the return form has been viewed the refund will be processed immediately back to however you originally paid. If the returns form isn’t filled out correctly, this will slow down the refunding process.

What is the difference between warm white and day white?

LED bulbs usually have two options of white colour available and they are normally referred to as warm white or day white. Warm white is around 3000K and day white around 4500k. When choosing your bulbs you should check the Kelvin value of the bulb. Customers purchase day white LED bulbs if they want the brightest light possible or if they want to achieve a modern look to a particular room. This particularly suits colour schemes that are bright and bold and use primary colours, or even colour schemes that are predominantly white where a clean minimal look is required. Warm white is usually used in more homely environments such as living rooms and bedrooms to give it more of a warmly feel to the room.

Can I use my LED bulb’s with a dimmer switch?

We have LED bulbs which are dimmable, all product listings will clearly state if an item is dimmable or not. If you opt for a dimmable bulb you will need to ensure you have an LED compatible dimmer switch. Most household dimmer switches are not LED compatible and will cause the lights to flicker or strobe. The minimum wattage figure on standard dimmer switches is usually too high; typically the majority of leading edge dimmer switches are 60 watts which is way too high for operation with dimmable LED bulbs. This is why you need an LED compatible dimmer switch to operate dimmable LED bulbs. If you have any concerns over the dimmer we advise you to contact us.

Will these work as a direct replacement for my old halogen bulbs?

Yes, all our bulbs will work as a direct replacement for your old halogen lamps. The majority of our bulbs are standard sized but do check the dimensions before you purchase as some are slightly longer than standard size.

The wattage on LED bulbs is very low. How bright are they?

The wattage of an LED bulb isn’t an indication of its brightness. It just describes how much power it uses. The brightness of a bulb is actually measured in lumens which is a basic unit of visible light. All of our LED bulbs produce the same lumen output as a 40 - 100 watt halogen bulb would do. Please check each listing for the lumen output of that bulb.

What happens if my LED bulb stops working?

In the unlikely event of a bulb failure, please return it to us within the 2 year warranty period and we will get it replaced for you.

How hot does the LED bulb get?

LED bulbs don’t get very hot at all, but they do require at least a small amount of space for the heat to escape or you will end up blowing the bulbs if no heat is allowed to escape.

Do LED bulbs come on straight away?

Yes they come on instantly and don’t need any warm up time.

What is the difference between 3528 & 5050?

The main difference between the two chips is that the 3528’s emit 6 lumens and consume approx .06W, while the 5050’s are actually 3 x 3528 LEDs combined into one package, emit 18 lumens and consume .18W.

LED Size: 5050 = 5mm x 5mm, 3528 = 3.5 x 2.8mm

Can I cut the strip light?

The answer is yes, there is a cut mark every 3 leds on the strip light. Just simply cut along the copper points. If you need to re-join then simply use speaker wire and solder the joint. Alternative see our ‘Strip Connectors’ for a solder less solution.

How do I power my strip light?

All our listings give you the option of a 12v Power adapter. If you are running them from your own power source then simply select ‘no’ when asked if a supply is required.

Can I use the strip light on a dimmer switch?

At present the strip lights cannot be used with a wall dimmer switch. However, they can be used with one of our wireless dimmer switches. This is put between the strip and power supply and has a wireless key fob to dim the strip. On colour changing strip light there is already a brightness option present on the remote control, so the wireless dimmer is not required for colour changing strips.

How many LED strip lights can be powered by a 12v power supply?

If you want to run multiple strips from one power source then please get in contact. We can do a quick calculation for you and advise you on a suitable supply which will power your project both safely and successfully.

Is the LED strip light Waterproof?

We have both waterproof and non-waterproof LED strips available, you can select your preferred IP rating from each listing. Our waterproof strips have a silicone seal / cover, our non-waterproof strips are uncoated but they are splash proof and commonly used in kitchens, etc.

How do you fit LED strip light?

All strip lights come with a strong adhesive backing so you can simply stick them in place.

Why do you have different voltages?

Usually we encourage people to use 12v strip lights but occasionally customers want to use them on vehicles or batteries. On larger vehicles the standard voltage is 24v so we stock 24 volt strip lights to cater for these situations.

Can I extend my current strip light?

Yes this is possible; we usually use speaker wire and solder the joints together to create a solid connection. However, if you extend too much, you may encounter colour fading towards the end of your run if you don’t have the correct power supply in place. If you encounter colour fade or the supply is becoming warm, please get in contact as you are probably overloading it.

Can strip lights go round bends?

Strip light is flexible but should not be bent too much or you will cause the circuit to break on the strip and cause it to fail. In our ‘Strip Connectors’ category we have corners, link wires, etc. which allow you to create perfect corners without the need to bend or solder the strip light.

How much RGB strip light can I run off a single 12v power supply?

5 metre is the maximum if you buy a single RGB strip light set from us, however longer strip light lengths can be done if you contact the sales team. Additional items are required which are not advertised on the website.

Please contact us if you need a longer length, we can customize a package for you at a competitive price. All our packages are easy to install and they provide a professional appearance as we make sure everything is calculated correctly.

What power supply do I need for my strip light?

Firstly, you need to work out how much strip light you want to run from your power supply and from there it is relatively easy to work out. 3528 strip light uses 4.8w per metre, and 5050 strip light uses 14.4w per metre. Based on this you should be able to work out the total wattage needed to run your required length. All our power supplies have both the ampere and wattage stated on the product description; simply calculate how much power your strip light length will use and select the appropriate supply accordingly. If you do have any queries, we encourage you to contact us.

Can I hard wire the power supply used with strip lights into a switch?

Yes you can, with our power supplies you have the option of simply plugging them into a regular household socket or you can hardwire them into a switch / fused spur.

How long is the lead to the transformer from the plug on strip light transformers?

All our supplies have a minimum 1 metre lead; the exact length is stated in the product descriptions

How big is the strip light transformer?

All dimensions are stated on the product descriptions but please see below for a estimation;

2amo, 3amp, 4amp, 6amp: 10cm (L) x 4cm (W) x 4cm (H)

10amp, 15 amp: (L) x 11cm (W) x 5cm (H)

Can I put multiple strips in the power supply?

Yes you can but it’s essential you don’t overload the adapter. If you are running a system with multiple strips we would advise you to liaise with a qualified electrician or contact bus with details of your installation.

Can I dim the power supply?

You cannot dim our power supplies, if you require a dimming function then we have wireless dimers which limit the voltage to the strip. These can be found in our ‘LED Controllers’ category and simply fit between the adapter and strip light itself.

What is the difference between warm white and day white?

Our floodlights are the same colour temperate as our LED bulbs, please see the FAQ’s on our ‘LED Bulbs’ to get the definition of each shade

Are your floodlights water/weatherproof?

Yes they IP65 rated and are fine for outdoor use and designed to withstand the typical British weather conditions.

What are the advantages of LED Floodlights?

An LED floodlight can last a lot longer than a traditional halogen floodlight.  Typically, an LED floodlight will last up to 50,000 hours which is a significant improvement on the traditional halogen light.  If they last longer they need replacing less which makes them more economical in the long term.

Are the floodlights dimmable?

At present they are non-dimmable. If this changes we will update the website accordingly.

Do you have any floodlights in black?

At present we only have the floodlights with PIR’s on in black. You can always take the PIR off if you wanted a black floodlight on its own.

How does the PIR work and can you override it?

Yes you can override the PIR sensor if you want the floodlight to remain on a permanently on state. If you require full instructions on the PIR settings then please see the product description.

Why do you have different floodlight voltages?

We have floodlights in 12v, 24v and 240v which cater for all projects. If you are using them for household / business purposes then mains floodlights are what you need. Our low voltage floodlights cater for people who use floodlights on motorhomes, boats or any other situation where you only have 12v or 24v available.

Do the floodlights have a plug?

Our floodlights are not fitted with plugs as primarily they are usually hardwired. Please contact us if you require a plug and we can do this for you at a small charge.

How many deck lights can I use off the junction box?

You can use up to 10 lights per set. The junction box has 10 inserts so you can simply remove or add lights as you wish.

Can I hardwire the deck lights into the mains?

With our deck lights you cannot hardwire them into the mains. The transformer is built into the plug, so this cannot be cut off or you would blow the lights. If you need to hardwire the lights then please get in touch and we can advise you on what is required.

Are the deck lights fully waterproof?

The lights and junction box are fully waterproof. The plug is not waterproof so this can’t be left outside. It is recommended to be put in a waterproof casing if you require the plug to be left outside. All our decking light transformers have a 15 metre lead which is usually sufficient to leave it indoors.

How far can I space the deck lights out?

Each light has a 5 metre lead which goes back to the junction box. So you can place them anywhere within 5 metres from the junction box.

What happens if one deck light goes out, do they all need to be returned?

In the unfortunate instance that one of the lights goes out and your still under warranty, return the light with the provided returns slip and we will replace it for you.

Can I use 2 deck light junction boxes off 1 power supply?

Unfortunately that’s not possible, if you exceed 10 lights you would need to use two sets.

Can I chain the deck lights together?

Our lights all go back to the 10 point junction box so that’s not possible. The only exception is our RGB / colour changing deck lights as those don’t use a junction box, they simply daisy chain together with a 2 metre lead between each light.

How long is it from the deck light junction box to the plug?

The power lead from the junction box to the plug head is 15 metres.

Do solar decking lights work the same?

Solar decking lights don’t have wires as they run of natural light. When using solar lights you simply position them in your chosen location and they will turn on / off automatically.

Can I cut the rope light myself?

Yes this is possible but we wouldn’t encourage it unless you have electrical knowledge. If you cut a rope light you will need a new controller and end cap, it’s essential you fit a new end cap on the cut off piece for safety reasons.

What length rope lights can I have?

You can have any length from 2 metres up to 100 metres running off one controller/ power lead. It needs to be an even number length however as the cutting mark for us is every 2 metres.

What functions are available on the rope light?

On all our rope lights there are 6 functions available. These are: In Waves / Sequential / Slo Glo / Slow Fade / Twinkle Flashing / Static.

Can the rope light be left outside?

All of our Rope light is 100% waterproof and can be left outside all year long as it’s completely sealed at both ends. The controller is also waterproof and sealed but we would advise you to keep that area away from water contact as it is close to the 240v. The plug must be kept well away from water to avoid serious injury.

Can the rope light be hard wired in?

Although not advised, it can be taken to the mains if required by cutting the plug off and hard wiring it in that way.

CAUTION: Before hard wiring it would be best to check with a qualified electrician that is familiar with this kind of work.

Only half of my rope light is lighting up, what shall I do?

In the unlikely event you have a faulty rope light, please return the rope light to us. We will then either get the rope repaired or replaced for you as a matter of urgency. As with all returns, please fill out the returns slip which came with your purchase.

Can the rope light be dimmed?

Unfortunately our rope lights can be dimmed at present.

Do you sell clips?

We don’t sell clips, when doing an installation with rope lights we find electrical cable / zip ties to be an excellent way to hold the rope light in place.

Can I use your aquarium lighting for coral growth?

At present it is hard to say whether they are suitable or not, some people have experienced growth with LED’s, while some have reported they haven't had any at all. Our lights are intended for lighting purposes only and won’t harm the coral in anyway.

How do I get the best effect with your strips and rigid bars in my tank?

The best effect we have found is by sticking the lights on the underside of your tank hood facing down on your aquarium. We recommended using a small amount of silicone to stick it to the underside of the hood. This will give a good solid hold on the lights to the hood.

Are they fully submersible?

Any aquarium lights which have an ip68 rating or above are fine to be submerged, anything less than this is not to be submerged but can handle water on it. Please check the listing for the IP rating.

Do you do any UV lighting?

At present we don’t do any UV lighting.

Where can I get a pump from for the bubble light?

Please contact us directly and we can point you in the right direction.

Can the rigid bars be cut down?

The lights themselves can be cut every 3 LED’s so in theory it can be done; it will void the warranty if you choose to do this however. If you opt to cut down an aquarium light then it’s essential you add silicone or a new end cap to reseal the waterproof coating.

Can I run multiple aquarium sets off 1 power supply?

Yes you can, just make sure you don’t overload the 12v adapter. If you are unsure then please get in contact with us.

Are the aquarium lights safe around water?

Yes they are perfectly safe. The product and wiring are fully waterproof and we use fully insulated cable for protection. Furthermore; all our aquarium lights operate at 12v which ensures the safety of our customers and their fish!