Aquarium Lighting

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LED Aquarium Lighting

If you’re looking for the ultimate selection of LED Lighting options for your aquarium, BrightLightz stocks everything you need in one place. Complete LED Lighting strategies are becoming very popular for home and business owners looking to illuminating aquariums, fish tanks, garden features and ponds, as they add a fantastic feature that draws attention and creates a perfect talking point for your guests. We have a wide range of different LED aquarium lighting options to suit all tastes so view our full collection today and create your perfect setting – your fish will thank you for it!

Best of all, our custom made aquarium sets use super bright fully submersible LED strip lights which create a beautiful effect on the water and are safe to use all year long.

Submersible LED Fish Tank Lights

Our custom LED aquarium lighting sets use either 3528 or 5050 LED strip lights which are fully IP68 rated and can be completely submerged under the water, meaning you get a fuller effect for your aquarium or pond. The strips are fully encased in silicone which makes them IP68 rated and perfectly safe to use with any scale of water related project, so create your complete LED aquarium lighting strategy in confidence your pond, tank or water feature is safe.

Colour Changing Fish Tank Lighting

5050 Colour changing LED strip lights are the most popular as you can change the look of your aquarium with the simple push of a button. We also have a wide range of standard coloured strips in colours such as White, Blue, Green and Red which also create a beautiful effect on the water.

Affordable LED Marine Lighting

We supply affordable LED marine lighting to a wide range of clientele, and can fulfil any order, large or small, from small private tanks to large industry sized outfits. We can supply LED lighting to custom fit many different types of aquariums, regardless of your set up. Due to the fact there is a vast amount of different types of aquariums, including those with cold water fish (Goldfish/Koi), South American Cichlids, African Cichlids, Freshwater Tropical, Saltwater Tropical, Reef, and many more we have studied the perfect aquarium set ups and sourced the appropriate lighting options you need to create the perfect setting. Each class needs different environments to live and thrive and lighting is an important factor and usually a costly factor also, but our cost effective solutions can help you achieve the perfect LED aquarium lighting strategy regardless of your budget. Our high quality aquarium sets cater for all of the above aquariums at a fraction of the price of many fluorescent lights. Best of all, LED aquarium lights cost a fraction of the price to run compared to fluorescent lights and are proven to last longer due to their 50,000hr lifetime.

So make the change to LED aquarium lights today and make sure your pond, aquarium or water feature looks the best it can every day of the year.

Contact us today for more information about our complete range of LED aquarium lights.

Choose the right lights, choose BrightLightz.