LED Panel Lights

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LED Panel Lighting

LED Panel lights are one of the most popular lights in the commercial and professional industries as companies are increasingly becoming aware of the energy and money saving benefits these lights hold. Everything from hotels to hospitals, schools and commercial complexes are saving money and becoming greener in the long run by implementing a complete LED panel lighting strategy. The LED panel lights offer a great output of light without becoming too overbearing or uncomfortable, meaning your employees, guests, patients, clients or students are comfortable with the amount of light at all times. Due to the energy saving benefits, high efficiency and life span of around 5 years (50,000hrs) we have an ever growing number of business owners contacting us on a weekly basis who want to make the conversion from old halogen lights to energy efficient LED’s. We can advise you on the best lights to suit your setting and help you create the perfect LED panel lighting strategy to suit your needs and those within your building.

Commercial LED Panel Lighting

LED Panel lights are often used in office environments to create a friendly warm atmosphere for employees. Due to the special circuit design, LED panel lights do not flicker or hum, starting instantly when switched on. This means your employees are not distracted or bothered by any interference usually associated with older halogen lights. Here at BrightLightz, we have various sizes and colours available for you to choose from which include 300mm x 300mm, 300mm x 600mm and 600mm x 600mm LED panel lights. We also have a range of circular LED recessed downlights available that can help transform your office, encouraging a more modern look and feel to your office environment. If you are unsure as to what LED panel lights may be right for you, contact us today for expert advice. We have helped many office managers and building managers choose the perfect LED panel lights for their bespoke needs.

Office LED Panel Lights

When choosing your office lighting, it is always important to choose the right colour to suit your office staff needs as a positive environment increases productivity and staff wellbeing. Due to the length of time lights will be switched on in the office, electricity bills can be extremely costly. Simply making the change from halogen bulbs to LED panel lights will save your company a lot of money in the long term as LED panel lights emit a brighter stronger light at a fraction of the cost of halogens. Due to the fact these bulbs will only need to be changed once in every five years or so, maintenance costs are reduced greatly, especially as each bulb has an average 50,000hr lifespan. You can also be confident that the light given out by our LED office lights and panel lights is also pleasing on the eye and a comfort to work under for all involved.

If you need any help discussing your bespoke office needs or need advice on creating the ideal LED panel lighting strategy, contact a member of our team today.

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