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LED High Bay Industrial Flood Lights

Reduce maintenance, reduce overheads, provide a greater amount of light for your workers – all this and more is achievable with the range of LED High Bay Industrial flood lights available today at BrightLightz, your only option for high quality LED lights.

Managing a high bay environment presents many challenges, the biggest of which is reducing maintenance and overheads, whilst providing your workers with the legally appropriate amount of light. Our LED high bay industrial flood lights provide the perfect option that is cost effective and easy to install, ensuring your space is illuminated with a uniformed light, thus boosting productivity.

100W LED High Bay Light, Industrial Warehouse Flood Light

Our 100W LED high bay flood lights are perfect for reducing lighting bills in workplaces, warehouses and other establishments where high bay lighting is needed. Featuring a 3014 SMD LED chip which emits over 9000 lumens whilst using only 100 watts of power, the 100w led high bay light boasts an impressive 50,000 hour lifetime, meaning they last longer, provide greater light and direct light to the appropriate places at a cost that is far less than that of a halogen. An essential item any business wanting to reduce overheads cannot do without.

150W LED High Bay Light, Industrial Warehouse Flood Light

As high ceilings will usually mean expensive maintenance work, costs can sky rocket if you are having to replace lamps that have reached their lifespan too early. The range of 150W LED High Bay Industrial Warehouse Flood Lights available at BrightLightz have an impressive 50,000 hour lifespan, meaning you will potentially get years of use – significantly reducing maintenance costs. Due to the fact LED bulbs use far less wattage than that of a halogen bulb, you will also benefit from fantastic savings when it comes to your lighting bill. In addition, as LED bulbs use a far less amount of electricity, you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint whilst saving almost half on electricity bills.

All of our LED High Bay Industrial Flood Lights come complete with fitting hooks / chain making them ready to use straight out of the box.

When you need the ultimate selection of LED High Bay Industrial Flood Lights, you’re sure to find everything you need here at BrightLightz.

Choose the right lights, choose BrightLightz.