Effective security lighting is essential for home and businesses owners alike, offering all important peace of mind when away from the property and providing an extra element of safety for workers on late shifts and residents through the night. When people think of security lighting, their use in the outdoor arena usually springs to mind first, but security lighting is best used in a variety of different ways to ensure effectiveness, both indoors and outdoors to reduce the chances of security risks or even feelings of vulnerability.

But how?

The vast range of LED security floodlights at BrightLightz can be used indoors as well as outdoors. For example, the LED solar floodlights with built in PIR sensors are perfect for outdoor use as it features 60 LED’s providing instant light as soon as someone steps in its line of sight. In addition, it also offers added security when answering the front door at night, allowing residents to see people’s faces illuminated. LED floodlights are also perfect for use in sheds, garages and conservatories too, providing instant illumination when needed.

LED floodlights also help to deter potential criminals if placed in the appropriate access points, like doors, windows, gates and shutters, especially when coupled with an effective security camera. Although lighting will not completely safeguard against burglars, they certainly play a major part in deterring would be intruders from attempting to enter illegally.

Security Camera Security Camera Security Camera

A complete range of LED Floodlight’s should be an important part of your security strategy to help increase safety at home and around the workplace. For homes, LED floodlights offer superior and longer lasting coverage that instantly illuminates at full power when switched on, whereas older halogen lamps take a few minutes to reach their full level of brightness. LED floodlights are perfect for those who entertain outdoors offering coverage across their backyard and warding off any accidental trips due to poor visibility.

For business owners LED Floodlights offer peace of mind for employees at night. The walk from the premises to the car park can make almost anyone feel uncomfortable, but a collection of well-placed bright LED Floodlights offer an extra sense of security and provide security cameras with ample amount of light to capture any mishaps. In addition, employees working outside will benefit from well-placed LED Floodlights, and those in a factory or warehouse setting that would otherwise be drowned in darkness or poor light can work safely thanks to the sheer power and coverage of an LED floodlight strategy.

LED Floodlight LED Floodlight LED Floodlight LED Floodlight

LED floodlights also offer superior electricity savings as they use a fraction of the electricity and wattage of their halogen counterparts yet emit far greater lumen measurements, and all are equipped with long lasting bulbs with an estimated 50,000hr lifespan, saving you money throughout its duration.

LED floodlights are easily placed and effortlessly integrated into your bespoke lighting strategy. For the safety of your employees and for better peace of mind around the home, isn’t it about time you added some LED floodlights to your premises?

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