Anyone with a veranda or patio understands how integral these areas of the home can be when it comes to entertaining guests. Whether you have to use bamboo lanterns, candles or even those crazy Tiki statues your aunt Nora brought back from her trip in Hawaii, you’ll usually find yourself scrambling for a way to light the place up and keep that garden party going. Thankfully there are easier, and less ugly, options available.

LED decking lights offer all homeowners the perfect solution for providing light outside the home and can breathe new life into an area just screaming for attention. So with the hope of providing all those night owls with some ideas on how to create their very own custom made entertainment area, we’ve put together a quick checklist, highlighting the best options that are sure to make an impression with all your guests.

Colour Changing LED Deck Lights

Decking Lights

These colour changing decking lights are perfect for all tastes and styles, providing ample light that can change colour manually or automatically via an integrated timer. The RGB colour scheme means you have an almost endless colour choice, allowing you to create the perfect setting for your home and outdoor area. Best of all, they’re easy to install, in fact they’re so easy, that many people choose to place these inside the home too, as these decking/plinth lights offer a gorgeous lighting option that is cost effective due to the fact they draw far less wattage yet emit the same amount of light as older halogen models. Place them around your hot tub, on your decking or around your al fresco area as they are waterproof rated and can be walked on too!

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are extremely cheap to buy and can instantly transform a dull living area, whether inside or outside the home. Available in a wide range of colours, a fairy light set is a quick, cost effective way to provide lighting for your guests, setting a calm atmosphere instantly. With most sets benefitting from waterproof rating; this means you can leave them up all year round. Remember a fairy light set is not just for Christmas, it’s for life.

LED Battery Operated Tea Lights

Tea lights

Tea lights are a much overlooked, part of any effective lighting strategy yet these small but powerful little gems can bring that extra bit of sparkle to your table. Add a few as a focal point to your outdoor dining table or dot them around the decking area for a great effect. In addition, LED battery operated tea lights are a safer option to candles – no open flames but just as romantic.

Solar Powered Decking Lights

If you don’t fancy having to install wires in your garden (it’s fairly easy though) LED solar powered deck/decking lights might be the best option for you. Completely solar powered, meaning no electricity bills whatsoever, these decking lights are a fantastic solution for those in need of a super quick decking light option. They are just as hardwearing as their mains powered cousins and will last just as long too. Waterproof rated and easy to install – install a few around your garden, near your pond and around your decking for 8-10 hours of light after a full charge in seconds.

Solar Powered Fence/Stair Lights

Stair Lights

Got a particularly nice garden you want to show off yet don’t want to disturb the soil by installing lights? Well a solar powered fence/stair light might be just the thing for you. With two high quality LED lights with an estimated 50,000hr lifespan, you can provide a focal point for your garden whilst shedding some light on surrounding areas. Easy to install on walls and fences, they also act as great stairway lighting options, so trips and slips are avoided easily. Best of they’re solar powered too, so no costly electricity bills.

So there you have it, 5 quick lighting tips that can breathe new life into your garden and decking area almost instantly. LED lights last longer, emit a cleaner light and reduce your lighting bills by almost 90% when used as an alternative to halogen bulbs. So create your perfect setting and save money too!